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The Royal Institution of Naval Architects

“Design and operation of bulk carriers”

International Conference, 26 – 27 October 2009, Athens

 Shipyards build marketable units at minimum cost and optimum time.  They prefer standardization, series production, standard Contracts, Specifications and Maker Lists, choice of Class, no Plan Approval or Supervision and one-year Guarantees.  Operators require ships with efficiency in cargo carriage, operations and maintenance and for maximum availability and versatility.  They require them promptly, preferably at reasonable prices and to trade for over 20 years.

Developments in design have yielded the Handy, Panamax, Cape and OBO.  Giant Yards designed simple Bulkers and called the tune.  Charterers wanted larger sizes, Rulemakers went militant, States acted without coordination, while Class found themselves as referees in new unusual games.  Accidents rather than research and planning appeared as frequent guidelines in design, while Operators kept low profiles.

All should contribute in Design.  Operators, who will live long with the product, have a special role to play to attain good, effective, practical, flexible, strong, safe and specifically  cargo and operations friendly ships.  Close cooperation with Shipyards is needed while feedback from Operators’ experiences should be equally appreciated and used by all concerned