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 “SUEZ - 1860 - 2015”


Friends of the Library of Alexandria

Old Parliament , Athens, 22 November 2016

  The Suez Canal is a great historic achievement at the time of Saïd Pasha and Khedive Ismail of Egypt with Frenchman Ferdinand de Lesseps. The works started in 1858 and ended in 1869, this was the age of industrialisation, steam power, progress and development worldwide.

  From the small 5,000 ton ships of the time it developed to today’s 350,000 ton tankers, with a traffic of about 50 ships a day. The New Suez Canal is a current development, with two-way traffic of a possible 100 ships per day.

  The first ship to cross the canal on the inauguration in 2015 was the yacht “Mahroussa”, built about 150 years ago, the same that had first crossed the canal on the 1869 inauguration.